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Katy Harrington


Katy joined the Active Living Chiropractic team as the rehabilitative specialist and personal trainer for the Active Living Human Performance Lab. She graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor’s degree in exercise sport science. With an educational background in athletic training and experience as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, Katy uses her knowledge and skills to help people achieve their individual needs and goals. Born and raised in the Portland area, she grew up in an active environment. She has always been involved in sports and has a passion for health and fitness.

Katy was a student athletic trainer for the 2009 Western Oregon University Football and Volleyball teams as well as 2009-2010 OSU football and softball teams, where she was involved in the care, treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. She has worked with and trained a diverse population with a wide range of fitness and ability levels, from student athletes to senior citizens. She focuses on educating proper form and technique, program design, and realistic lifestyle changes to help individuals meet their goals.  She finds motivation in others willing to make positive changes towards a healthy lifestyle.

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