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Chinese Medicine and Vaccines

At Active Living Chiropractic and Jade River Healing Arts Center, we are here to support your various health needs. Sometimes this means treating injuries, aches and pains, allergies, coughs, colds or flu. Other times we are able to aid you and your health needs in different ways.

As the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available to more and more people, it is important to know that Chinese Medicine has long been used both to prepare the body for vaccination, and to ease the common symptoms that often occur post vaccination.

Prior to the shot

Before you get vaccinated, there are a few ways we can support you. First, it is important to address any imbalances in any of the body’s systems. Strengthening the function of your immune system is vital, but along with this, the respiratory, and digestive systems are just as important to support and bring into balance. Both of these systems are intrinsic to a healthy immune response, and when they are strong and balanced, they can help optimize your response to the vaccine.

Second, using Chinese Herbs is an excellent way to prep for your vaccination. Formulas like the Jade Windscreen have been used for centuries to strengthen the immune system in preparation for cold or allergy season, and can help with vaccine prep as well.

After the shot

Following the vaccination, many people have reported experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, soreness at the injection site, and cold or flu-like symptoms including fever, headache or nausea. You can use Chinese medicine to mitigate these common post vaccination symptoms and decrease their severity. Increasing your water intake, getting lots of rest and supplementing with vitamin C and D can be also be very helpful.

At Active Living Chiropractic and Jade River Healing Arts Center, our goal is to provide excellent and consistent high quality health care and service without compromise. For any questions, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at 503-718-7991.


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